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Why need a nominee shareholder/director?

  1. Hiding identity of beneficiary owner and director: According to Hong Kong Company Registration Law, shareholders and directors have to submit their personal detail to the related department for database backup and will be disclosed to public. In order to conceal from disclosure of their personal information to public, a company can appoint our company to be a nominee shareholder/director. By doing this step, only the nominee shareholder/director information will be disclosed to public

  2. Simplify Company Internal Structure: A company can have many shareholders/directors, but when doing some business activities, the more shareholders/directors will lead to more administrative work. Such as opening a bank account, banks will request shareholders’ and directors’ personal asset reference, in order to prevent excessive disclose their private information, our nominee service not only to ensure the privacy of shareholders/directors, and also simplify the company’s decision-making time.

  3. Reduce time cost: When real shareholders/directors are busy or not in Hong Kong, making use of nominee service can help them to sign documents for many business activities, thus saving time for internal administrative delays.


Nominee Appointment Process

Nominee shareholder: In order to protect the real company investor benefit, an agreement for appointment and as pre-signed share transfer agreement will be prepared. So the real investor can transfer all shares to themselves or other third parties whenever they want.
Nominee director: An agreement will be signed to ensure the nominee must follow the instruction of the real investor. Also, a guarantee must signed by the real investor to protect the interest of the nominee director.

Further information on Nominee Service, please contact Ms. Lam + (852) 3743 0448