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Aiming to cater for clients’ needs and their business goals, the business centre of BM Accounting is committed to reducing their operating costs and handling onerous administrative matters to enable them to turn their full attention on business expansion.


Registered Address

According to Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, every limited company needs to have a registered office in Hong Kong, for maintaining statutory records of the company and receipt of acknowledging government's correspondence. We provide Registered Address to investors who want to set up a company but have not hired an office space in Hong Kong. This service is conform to the definition of "Registered Address" under the Companies Ordinance, while helping the enterprises to promote their identity and reduce the costs.


Service Include:

  • Our registered office will be your registered address for registration purpose.
  • Mails and parcel handling and timely notification of collection or transfer.


Designated Call/Fax Service

You can enjoy image and condition of communication same as an international company without subject to the high rent of Hong Kong offices, given that your company has a designated phone or fax number in Hong Kong. With the designated call/fax service provided by us, you can answer calls and collect fax to Hong Kong immediately anytime and anywhere, and never miss every single business opportunity.


Direct Phone/Fax Number
  • Calls answering and fax delivery by a designated person in the name of the company.
  • Calls transfer and leaving messages.
  • Transfer fax to any designated E-mail address.
  • Remote Call Forwarding Service, no geographical bound. Calls can be made and answered anywhere.


Further information on Business Centre, please contact Ms. Lam + (852) 3743 0448