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Registering a Hong Kong Company does not requires Hong Kong ID card, does not require resident in Hong Kong, also no capital requires to transfer to Hong Kong and does not even need to show up in Hong Kong personally. Hong Kong's tax system is simple and clear, always enjoys the international esteem. The tax rate and the taxable item are the lowest and the least. Hong Kong taxation system is based on geographical, only those business activities take places in Hong Kong are taxable. This means even Hong Kong registered company, if they doing offshore business, then any profit earn from offshore business will not be axed in Hong Kong. Basically, only corporation profit, salary and property rental income are taxable. Compare with other developed countries, Hong Kong overall tax rate indeed is much lower. Income and profit tax can be as high as 40% to 50%in many countries, but in Hong Kong, income and profit tax is only 16.5% or below. Only profit generate from Hong Kong trade, industrial or business activities are taxable, all profit generate outside Hong Kong are tax-free in Hong Kong.

There are 2 ways of forming a limited company in Hong Kong: by either setting up a whole new company or purchasing a ready-made company (or named shelf company).
For incorporation of a whole new company, you can specify your preferred company name, but the registration process time is relatively longer. For incorporation of ready-made company, you have to select your company name from our companies list which includes shelf company names, but the processing time will be shorter.

Incorporation Requirement

  1. Minimum 1 Shareholder and Director is required

  2. Directors and Shareholders can be same person

  3. No nationality restriction for Shareholders and Directors

  4. Corporate Shareholder or/and Director is/are allowed and documents required include:
    ‧Certificate of Incorporation of Corporate
    ‧Memorandum & Articles of Corporate
    ‧Minutes of Directors approving taking up shares / directorship in the HK Company, and    authorization of signatory

  5. Minimum subscribed share capital is HK$ 1

  6. Registered address must in Hong Kong

  7. One Company Secretary and should either be Hong Kong resident or Hong Kong Limited Company

  8. Company name should not be same as those already in company register and can be:
    ‧Only English name or only Chinese name, or
    ‧English plus Chinese name

Advantages of Incorporation Hong Kong Company

Generally, Incorporation Hong Kong Company has the following advantages:

  1. With very low tax rate (around 16.5% on net profit)

  2. Tax exempt for income not incurred in Hong Kong (i.e. Offshore Income)

  3. Allow Nominee Shareholder and Director Structure - beneficiary owner's identity can be hidden from public company record

  4. With very stable social and political environment

  5. No restriction in fund transfer to and from most part of the world, very active and freedom

  6. With excellent relationship with Mainland China

  7. Enjoy convenience of International Banking System

Further information on Company Incorporation, please contact Ms. Lam + (852) 3743 0448